You must know that porta potties are mobile toilets that you can carry and use at construction sites, and special events for sanitation reasons. However, did you know that there are not one, but many different types of porta potties to choose from?

They vary based on their size and features offered, and their rental costs. The costs don’t just include the cost for renting the unit, but also transportation, cleaning, and disposal services.

So if you are thinking of renting portable restrooms, it’s better if you first knew about the various types available. Here is a list of available options to help you with an idea of the best porta potties for your event’s sanitation needs.

  1. Standard

    These are porta potties commonly used at short term construction sites and at most outdoor events. They are stand-alone units, large enough to comfortably accommodate one person.

    Standard porta potties have reinforced walls, ventilation, mirror, sink, and toilet paper. They also come with a 60-gallon water tank, enough to provide for the sanitation needs of an average sized group of people.

  2. Standard handicap accessible

    Standard handicap-accessible porta potties have additional handrails and space. These additional features are to make them easy to access, and used by people with special needs and wheelchairs.

    You will usually find handrails on 3 of the four walls for their thorough support. Besides, these units conform to ADA regulations at significant events. It thus makes them safe to use at venues where you expect many handicapped people.

  3. High rise

    High rise porta potties are slightly smaller restrooms that come with attached lift points. The points are to let cranes quickly hoist them to elevated levels when necessary.

    They are generally durably built to withstand rugged construction and use. These portable restrooms may or may not be fully enclosed. However they do provide enough privacy for easy transport from one location to another.

  4. Portable restroom trailer

    These porta potties are an upgrade from the standard versions. They are clean, luxurious, and spacious, just perfect for VIP and special events. Portable restroom trailers are about 24feet long, and have separate men and women restrooms.

    They may carry a maximum of 4 stalls and two sinks with radio. You can also expect some additional features in them like air conditioning, lighting, urinals, hand sanitizer dispensers, and water hookup. They also come with a 900-gallon holding tank, and some of them may even have solar-powered lighting.

  5. VIP restroom trailer

    As expected, VIP restroom trailers are luxury upgraded restroom trailers perfect for VIP use. This is why you find them most often at presidential and black tie events.

    VIP restroom trailers usually have luxury fittings like granite counter-tops, cherry wood paneling, skylights, and heating, and air conditioning. Don’t be surprised if you also find oversized mirrors, hands-free flushing, soap, and paper towel dispensers, and about an 1600 flush capacity.

Optional features for porta potties

You can always include some additional, useful features to your portable restrooms to make guests feel more comfortable using them. There’s no fixed number of amenities you can add to the portable potties. It all depends on your needs, budget, and where and why you are using them.

  • Portable handwashing station

    Portable handwashing stations are a must with even standard porta restrooms. These washing stations come with a freshwater source, paper towels, and of course, a soap dispenser. On average, stations with two sinks can quickly provide up to 600 washes.

  • Portable hot water sink

    Yes, you may need to install a portable hot water sink because it’s not the same as handwashing stations. Sinks are usable for both drinking water and for washing hands. So it makes a welcome addition at sites, construction sites, and even for military camps.

  • Hand sanitizer stations

    Sometimes hand sanitizer stations make a better addition than handwashing stations, especially at significant events. They are a welcome addition to construction sites, concerts, fairs, and festivals where there’s lots of people and potential porta potty use.

  • Waste tank expansion

    You could consider expanding the waste tank size. It’s a useful practice because it gives you more time between emptying and cleaning the porta potties.

This is just a brief listing of the main types of porta potties available at places like It’s better to always ask for a quote of the different types of portable restrooms available on rent.

You can then decide which is best for you based on the amenities offered, size, and of course, your budget and the event you will be using it.

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