How to Deal and Prevent a Porta Potty Tipped Over

Published: September 24, 2020
How to Deal and Prevent a Porta Potty Tipped Over

Ever wondered what you should do whenever you find a porta potty tipped over? Fret not, since today we will show you the right steps in handling this situation. Not only that, but we will also teach you some essential tips in preventing this sort of circumstance.

Follow These Steps When Dealing With a Porta Potty Tipped Over

Dealing with a tipped over portable toilet can sure be a nightmare. That is you should be prepared for this kind of situation. These are some things you need to do whenever you find a porta potty tipped over:

Contact Your Porta Potty Rental Company Immediately

The first thing you should do when finding yourself in this circumstance is contacting your service professional right away! Professionals handle this sort of case all the time. They will make sure to stand it back up, spraying it, and successfully disinfecting it.

In some instances, your portable toilet rental company will even replace the porta potty. Also, certain companies include fixing tipped over portable toilets as part of their service, so you won’t need to worry about any additional costs.

Do Not Rush Over to Stand It Back Up

Although it might be tempting to rush over and try to get the porta potty back up, it’s best for you to leave the job to a professional. Portable toilets can spill out sewage, thus releasing all sorts of pathogens, such as e. Coli, rotaviruses, and more. For this reason, just stay back and allow your service provider to clean the mess.

Mark Off the Tipped Over Portable Toilet

Lastly, while you’re waiting for your portable toilet company to arrive, you should make sure that people are aware of the situation. You can mark off tipped over porta potties as out of service and advise people to stay away from them.

How to Prevent Portable Toilets from Falling Over

How to Prevent Portable Toilets from Falling Over

So, what should you do in order to prevent this sort of thing from ever happening again? Here are some things to keep in mind that will save you from going again through this type of burden:

Be Careful Where You Place Your Porta Potty

First and foremost, be sure to choose carefully the spot in which the porta potties will be. No matter if it is for construction sites or a festival, planning out where portable toilets will be is a must.

The ideal place for preventing tipped over porta potties is a spot that is level, flat, and sturdy. If you can place porta potties on a paved or concrete surface, then do so. However, you should never put a portable toilet on a damp, sloped area.

Another thing to keep in mind is to place porta potties at an accessible area. After all, nobody wants to go to a toilet that is a kilometer away. For this reason, they should be at a place that can be easily reached by the people who are going to use it.

Additionally, you should locate portable toilets at a place that is accessible to the porta potty rental company. That way, they can easily drop and pick them off, as well as service them.

Make Sure that the Portable Toilet Is Not at a Place of Intense Winds

Moreover, be sure to keep porta potties away from any windy places. As we all know, the main culprit behind tipped over portable toilets is strong winds. Whenever a powerful gust hits a porta potty, especially if it is placed on an uneven area, it will surely make it fall down.

A great way in preventing winds from directly hitting portable toilets is by placing them near a building or a fence. In case you can’t place them beside a structure, then build a fence that can act as a barrier for strong winds. However, be sure to use heavy materials to build the fence.

Fasten the Porta Potties in Place

Next, you should secure portable toilets. Luckily, most portable toilet rentals provide you with this option since they are more than aware of the danger of porta potties tipping over. Also, refrain from securing the porta potties by yourself.

Keep Away Vandals

Last but not least, remember to grant some sort of protection against vandals for the porta potties. Some things you can do to keep vandals at bay is having them illuminated at all times. You can also ask some employees to keep them an eye out from time to time. Lastly, you can place security cameras as well.

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