5 Steps Professionals Take in How to Clean a Porta Potty

Published: September 15, 2020
Steps How Clean Porta Potty

Got a big party coming up? Whether it’s for your big wedding night or a birthday party, clean portable toilets are a must if you want everything to go smoothly. That is why today we will show you the essential steps in how to clean a porta potty.

Follow These Simple Steps in How to Clean a Porta Potty

As we all know, porta potties can get quite messy. That is why the person responsible for cleaning the portable restrooms in an event depends on how big the event is.

For instance, if you’re hosting a large event such as a music festival or a concert, then you will likely need to hire a specific company to handle the job.

The reason behind this is because there are laws related to portable sanitation that require professionals to handle the waste. After all, portable toilets can host all sorts of harmful bacteria and viruses, such as e. Coli, the rotavirus, and more. All of these pathogens are found on urine, feces, vomit, and, in some instances, blood.

Likewise, if you are hosting a much smaller event, such as a birthday party, some porta potty service companies provide sanitizing as well. In other words, there is not much reason for you to worry about potty cleaning.

In case you want to give a quick cleanup, you are more than welcome in using disinfecting wipes to clean any high touch surface.

However, it is always a good idea to know the professional process when cleaning a portable toilet. And that is our goal today: to show you which are the measures professionals take whenever they do their job at cleaning them.

These are the steps professional companies take in how to clean a porta potty:

Proper Removal of the Waste from the Holding Tank

First, professionals must remove all waste that is in the holding tank. They do so by using a small disinfecting pressure vacuum and pumping the tank, ultimately leaving it empty. This instance tends to happen if the porta potty has a built-in tank.

If the portable restroom has a removable drum tank, then they take the drum out. After taking it out, they get rid of the waste and clean it. Lastly, they place the drum back in.

Charge the Unit Using a Blue Additive

After effectively cleaning the tank, it is time to charge the unit. Many professional companies use up to five gallons of cleaning solutions when charging the unit. This cleaning solution is blue in order to help determine if they need to take any other necessary measures.

Disinfecting the Bowl or Toilet Seat in Restroom Trailers

Next in how to clean a porta potty, we have disinfection. Professional companies thoroughly clean and disinfect the toilet bowl using a spray vacuum and a low pressure disinfectant. They do so for many reasons.

First, it prevents the spread of bacteria. Second, it helps reduce odors by a lot. Lastly, it keeps a safe environment for people to use the portable toilet.

In case the porta potty counts on a urinal, they sanitize it as well.

Cleaning the Interior Walls

Along with cleaning the toilet seat, professionals must also clean and disinfect the interior walls. Since porta potties go through a lot, especially during large events, it is imperative to clean them. You don’t know what sorts of harmful pathogens might be on them!

Professionals wash, scrup, and disinfect all walls and floors. Then, they let the cleaning solution sit for a couple of minutes while they do their action. After that, they thoroughly rinse the surfaces with plenty of water. Finally, they allow the surfaces to completely dry. Some companies use a vacuum to remove any liquids.

After their cleaning, your porta potty will have a completely brand new appearance! It will look as if nobody ever used it before.

Restocking the Porta Potty with Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Last but not least in how to clean a porta potty, we have restocking. After making sure that everything is completely clean, disinfected, and therefore sanitized, experts must restock the porta potty.

Since porta potties are used a lot during events, they place at each porta potty two to three full toilet paper rolls. They also place soap and even hand sanitizer. Then, in case they find it necessary, they place paper towels for people to thoroughly dry their hands after using them.

Moreover, portable toilets must be recharged with both new water and additives. These additives are necessary in order to help keep the toilet smelling good.

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